Onyx Espresso Bar Mayfield
Onyx Espresso Bar Mayfield
Onyx Espresso Bar Mayfield

Onyx Espresso Bar 

 Mayfield, Newcastle, NSW. 

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Truly Great Coffee

The original idea for the café was to evoke a cosy homely feel, we want people to feel that Onyx is a friendly & warm place to visit. It’s a small space making it easy for people to come and have a chat to someone they don’t know which is really nice.


Our coffee
Here at Onyx, each cup is crafted from our perfectly chosen roaster within our community, and matched with the prefect milk. The barista’s are selected at Onyx based on their passion, knowledge and drive to provide our customers with the prefect cup from your standard flat white to your beautiful bodied pour over and cold crisp cold drips.

Our Menu
Everything is homemade as much as it can be including our dressings, pesto, hummus, soups and beans. We try to only serve homemade goodness.



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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

Saturday & Sunday

All Public Holidays

6am - 2pm

7am - 12.30pm

7am - 12pm